Hello Internet

I’ve just been reminded that this blog is now over a year old and doesn’t have a single post to its name, and that makes me sad. Every blog needs at least an introduction post full of good intentions to be able to hold its head up in polite blog society, and so, as my Christmas present to this blog, here we go:

Hello internet. We’ve met before, many times in fact, but apart from a few furtive dalliances in the guise of various hobbies, I’ve tended to keep my cards close to my chest, less out of fear that someone will see something they shouldn’t, and more out of aversion to the effort involved in holding them further out. To be honest, I would have been quite happy to keep it that way – it’s no secret that I am chronically lazy – however I have been told that self-promotion is a thing, and moreover a thing that I should probably think about considering maybe engaging in, and so here we are, and back to ‘hello internet’.

In keeping with the cards metaphor, I should probably at this stage put mine on the table and admit that, at present, I don’t actually have anything to promote, as such. Like about 80% of your population, internet, I aspire to be a writer, but at this stage remain a banker. I’m working on it, though! I have a Plan and everything, and (and this is the ‘good intentions’ part of the proceedings) if this blog is really very lucky, I’ll remember that I have it often enough to actually post some of the steps (and missteps) of putting the Plan into action in it. Maybe. But in the meantime, hello internet, I hope we will have the chance to become better acquainted very soon, and in the meantime, Merry Christmas 2014!